To understand what days are better for advertising and which are worse, we've analyzed the structure of ad impressions and the structure of the appearance of new creatives in the myTarget feed by the days of the week.

Wednesday is the leader by the number of new creatives, while the smallest values fall on Saturday and Sunday (that structure is probably associated with the production of creatives). At the same time, the bulk of impressions also fall on Wednesday, and the smallest values are reached on Sunday and Monday.

This is true for both Android and iOS.

Views - is the amount of times we've seen the creative (the mechanics of news feed observation was the same in every single day - same amount of scrolldowns). Thus, the right diagram values are proportional to the density of ads in the news feed.

It is natural to assume that:

  • Higher observable ad density means higher competition for the available ad placements, which means more expensive ads.
  • Less ads you see in total, more effective each ad you saw influence you and vice versa. Thus each ad is more effective when the overall amount of ads is small.
  • New ads are on average more attractive than old ones. It means that competition for attention is higher when the amount of new ads is higher and vice versa.

These three bullets together with observable structures of new creatives launch and ad density make Wednesday the worst day of the week for advertising - the most expensive and the least effective.

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